Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sadie and the laptop

Our little Sadie-Bug is so funny. In the evenings, after work, I usually sit on the sofa with the laptop sitting to my side. I kinda lean over to get my email, check my bank balances and so on. The whole time Sadie is on the back of the sofa, right behind me. Once in awhile she will place a paw on top of my head, then slide down my side and sit and give the computer dirty looks. It's comical, because the computer isn't displacing her from my lap at all but with it there she doesn't have my undivided attention! I wish I could capture the look she gets on her face when she is climbing all over me, guess I'll have to crank up the ole web cam and let it run sometime. She went so far last night as to growl at the computer, then she started barking at it which caused the other two to start barking. It's a hoot!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Start of the New Year

Well, we finally made it home after what seemed like the longest trip I have ever made. The end of 2008 was horrible. Phil smashed his hand in the car door on our way home, which required a trip to a local emergency room (can't wait to get that bill), we stayed in a motel because Phil had a bad reaction to the pain meds only to be ousted by construction crews slamming and banging doors at midnight as they were coming in for the night causing our pups to bark trying to protect us. We finally gave up and left.
2009 got off to a bad start too! I had scheduled a repairman to come to the house on Jan 2nd to repair my washer. I made this appt on Dec 20. Well, he never showed up! I will never call or recommend this company to anyone ever again. I had to take off from work in order to wait for this guy who never showed up. I was just livid. Fortunately, Phil, my hubby was able to fix the washer with the parts that were ordered.
I sure hope things start going a little better this week. It will be our first week of direct deposit where I work and I'm in charge of it. I certainly hope it goes off without a hitch!
I want to get to the pictures I took while on vacation. Hopefully, in the next day or two.
I want to officially state my feelings on the Israel disturbance. The Jews are God's chosen people, anyone, nation or individual that stands against them, stands against God. While I'm saddened to see the death and destruction going on in that country, I have to pray for the Peace of Israel, but I'm reminded of scripture where it says "they will cry for peace, but there will be no peace". I know that is taken out of context and put into my own words. Anyway, that's how I feel. I just hope this country will continue to be an ally to Israel, God help us if we don't!