Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dusty is better and Sadie is a little stinker

Dusty is doing so much better! He hasn't had a sick tummy in over 3 weeks! I'm so relieved!

On another note. I was doing some filing Sunday afternoon and also tossing paper in the trash. I was wadding stuff up into a ball and happened to notice after the 3rd or 4th toss that my trash can wasn't filling up (it is very small). Dusty and Sadie were stealing the wads of paper and shredding them! There was paper from one end of the house to the other! I really didn't mind because they seemed to be having such a good time, plus I needed to run the vacuum later anyway. Well, Punkin decided to have one of her puppy moments and joined in with the shredding. After a few minutes she and Sadie decided to go after the same piece of paper and that turned in to one big "FIGHT"! Sadie has a problem with Cocker Rage Syndrome and it seems that competition triggers her. She went after Punkin but instead of Punkin backing down and screaming for help she went back at Sadie. Then Dusty came into the room to break up the fight. He cracks me up! He will get right in the middle and just stand there growling until the girls settle down. Well, in the meantime, I got involved. I have found if I remove Sadie from the situation things calm down much quicker and no one gets hurt. So, I grabbed her by the nap of the neck and lifted her up, scolding her all the way. She immediately calmed down but Punkin was still wound up which is totally out of character for her. Anyway, sometime later I realized I had been biten! Not bad, just a small puncture wound and I'm not sure which one did it. I was so involved in breaking up the fight I didn't even notice! This is the first fight they have had in quite some time but when there is one it's always Sadie as the instigator. She's such a little stinker but we adore her!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Dusty has been sick

I noticed last Friday that he seemed to be hesitant to eat. I didn't think too much of it at the time but by the time Monday rolled around he was one sick little guy.
I took him to the vet Monday afternoon and 2 x-rays, blood tests, urine analysis and health check the Dr determined that he was dehydrated, with low blood sugar. He also noticed that Dusty's looked like he had an imflamed pancrease. This can be deadly and I'm so glad we caught this when we did. He also had that blasted anal gland infection, ear infection (very rare for him), tummy infection and gingivitus. Seems the gingivitus is probably causing most of the problems. So, he now has his teeth brushed twice a day and his gums look much better. Instead of blood red they are going to a nice pink. He seems to be much better already and he should. The Dr. gave him 3 injections (one was an antiobiotic, one was pepcid for his tummy and the last was a steroid for the inflammation around his pancreas), he also received sub-cutaneous hydration. We won't know for sure until he goes back for a check up on Oct 11th which will be another huge vet bill. He's worth every dime for the joy he gives. He's such a great little guy. He's also on two different antiobiotics.

I spent most of Monday night up with him. He had to potty around 1AM and I just stayed up with him and of course, the other two. He takes his meds so well. No forcing, just toss them and he gobbles them up.