Friday, August 29, 2008

August 29th, I can hardly believe the month is almost over. Where does time go!?
I took the day off from work today, to have an extra long weekend. I needed a break from the routine, I was starting to get snappy with everyone, even the bosses.

My fur babies are enjoying the time with me. They are curled at my feet. I love being at home with them. Oops, Sadie thought she heard a chipmunk at the front door, I have it open so they can look outside and watch the world go by. Chipmunks just drive Sadie nuts, mice too. Who needs a cat with her around!

I've had two calls from work, just silly stuff. I don't mind, at least I know I'm needed. Yesterday was a very trying day. I was working on updating our security system on our exchange server. I started at 6AM and didn't quit until way after 5PM. Never did get all the licenses to load correctly. Oh well, I have 30 days to rectify that little problem. After I get payroll done on Tuesday I see a long afternoon on the phone with Computer Assocs. I hope they can speak clearly (LOL)

I've included a new page that I just put together of Dusty. Robyn, over at the Den, is having a challenge for the month of August. We were allowed to scraplift layouts of other members. I chose one that she did of her pretty little grand daughter. The title was called Precious and she certainly is. This was such an easy challenge, I don't know why I didn't do it before now, except maybe that Robyn's new kit wasn't available until yesterday. It's called Cottage Garden and everything in the kit reminds me of just that. I know this is a little prissy for a male pup but he looks so good with these colors!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Dog Park

Well, we took the trio to the park yesterday! I was so proud of each of them. They behaved like perfect little ladies and gentleman.

The day began as a normal Sunday. We had breakfast, went through our morning routines then decided since it was such a pretty day we would take the gang for a ride. They love to go bye-bye!

Punkin sits in the back seat right behind me, Dusty sits behind Phil and occasionally pretends to be a console ornament and little Sadie sits on my lap (at least most of the time).

When we arrived at the park, Punkin, my 8 1/2 year old began whining with excitement. We had never been here before but the place was loaded with other four legged babies, so I guess she was sensing their excitement. We were a bit apprehensive about how the little ones would react while socializing with other doggies since this was their first big outing.

We made it acrossed the parking lot into the double gated walkway and realeased each of them in turn from their leashes. Punkin was the first to be released and when I looked up from unhooking the other two, she was long gone up the path. She acted like a little puppy. When she reached the top of the hill I called to her, she stopped, turned around and came bounding back to me. She acted like she had been to this place a million times. She wandered around with so much confidence and pride! Dusty and Sadie were a little more reserved. They stuck close by Phil and I as we walked up the path. They did play with a very frisky pit bull and a couple of black labs! I took lots of pictures and as soon as I get the time I'll post them here.

I was just so proud of the way they each behaved. I guess all that obedience training is paying off.

We gave them each a big drink of water and Dusty went and played in the agility ring for a bit while the girls and I rested. Then it was back home for them and an afternoon of puppy naps and dreams while Phil and I ran errands. All in all, it was quite an enjoyable afternoon!