Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bath Time

Well, today was bath day for the fur babies. My hubby ran a hot water line to the outside (where I would love to build a mud room by the way) and I have this handy bathtub that is on legs along with this washing gizmo that dispenses soap in a jet of water. It takes about an hour to bathe all three and they seem to like the massage they get. Now if they would only behave when it is time to brush them out. Cocker spaniels take a lot of work which is why mine usually have short cuts. Right now, Punkin and Sadie's coats are almost too long. Dusty was shave down two weeks ago. I do all the grooming myself since my regular mobile groomer retired. I wasn't able to find anybody to suit me. Some groomers cut the skirts too high others didn't thin out their coats which is a must or you get lot's of matting. So, I just do it myself, then if they don't look right, I have nobody to blame but me.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

An Expensive Busy Day

Today was such a busy day! Phil and I both had to go into work. We left the house at 6:00AM and worked until 8:30AM, came home, picked up all three dogs for a trip to the vet for their semi-annual checkup, got home at 12:45PM, grabbed a snack and went back to work until 3:00PM. Fed the dogs at 4:15PM, left the house again to take back some shoes that fell apart after Phil only wore them less than a week, went to the local pet store to pick up puppy treats and Sadie's special dog food. I'm exhausted and really don't feel like I've accomplished anything today except my wallet being emptier than it usually is. The vet bill was almost $500!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness we have pet insurance, so a portion of that will come back to us. Punkin had to have her rabies vacine, all three had those pesky bottom glands emptied and poor little Dusty had a fever and one of his glands was infected, so he is on $90 antibiotics! They all got 6 months worth of heartworm and flea prevention. These babies get better medical care than Phil and I do but they are so worth it!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Crazy Girls

I don't know what has gotten into my girls lately, but when I get up from sitting anywhere they think they have to announce it to the world. I've tried everything to break them of it, squirt of water, turning my back on them, telling them "no!", nothing seems to work. I don't know if they are just telling me to sit back down so they can cuddle at my feet or what! It's funny most of the time but there are times, like when I have a headache, I could do without all the noise. Sadie has this squeaky little bark that just cuts right through your brain and Punkin, well she has a big girl bark so the two of them together can be a bit trying. I do get tickled at Dusty when all of this is going on, he will come running if he isn't right there with me to see what the ruckus is about then the look he get's on his face is priceless. It's like, Jeesh! Girls! Do they have to make so much noise! He's not as vocal as the girls but when he does speak up, you know you've been barked at.

Back to the girls, they are very jealous of each other. They know that as far as a pack goes, that Phil and I are the leaders but Sadie tries to put the bluff on Punkin. I do believe most of the barking contests between them is to see who can get the most attention. If I pick up Sadie to cuddle, Punkin will start barking, if I start to cuddle with Punkin, Sadie tries to break it up. Punkin also doesn't like me to cuddle with Dusty.

It's hard living up to the pack's expectations!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Well, here I go! This blog spot is going to be about (mostly) my adorable fur babies. I will have other tidbits of information from time to time, like my favorite websites (digitaldesignden), current issues and so forth, but on to the reason I'm starting this.

On a snowy March Saturday in 2000 my mother wanted to drive 45 miles to look at Cocker Spaniel puppies. When we arrived at this place I had no idea how in a two week period my life would change. I helped mom pick out an adorable little black and tan girlie. She was all wiggles and kisses and it was love at first sight. Mom took her home and proceeded to spoil her rotten and every evening after work I would go by her apartment and spoil her even more. Her name is Punkin (hence the name Punkinsmom). Well, after two weeks had gone by my mother called me at work and told me that every time I left to go home, Punkin would sit at the door and howl for me, so she decided Punkin should come home to live with Phil (my hubby) and I. That was over 8 years ago and since then we have increased the size of our little puppy family.

Dusty came to live with us in 2005 after, once again, mom purchased him from a breeder that was 60 miles away. He is a gorgeous white and tan parti color who is still nothing but wiggles. My hubby adores him. He had to be taken from his mother when he was just 4 weeks old, mom had him for a little over a week then he came home with us because mom couldn't handle his roudiness. He's a rough and tough little guy. So since he was 5 weeks old he has been with us.
One stormy evening he was sitting on my lap and a clap of thunder startled him. He jumped straight up in the air and landed on Punkin. He injured her back and broke her knee. I was brokenhearted because I was afraid my little beauty was going to have to be put down but $5000 and over 12 months of recuperation and you would never know she ever had any injuries.

So, mom is to blame so far for two of our babies but you will learn that we also blame her for our third.

We were taking my mother house hunting. She was looking for a new property to buy and as we turned onto a busy 5 lane road we saw all sorts of brake lights and backed up traffic! All of a sudden, this little black streak came running down the center lane. My husband and I took one look at each other, he pulled over jumped out of the SUV and literally crawled on his hands and knees in the middle of all that traffic to catch this little girl. She was in such deplorable condition you couldn't tell what she was other than a dog. We took her to our home and kept her separated from the other two for 24 hours. The next day I gave her a bath, actually about 3 baths to get rid of the filth and fleas she was carrying. I trimmed her hair and brushed her till she was shiny and got rid of all the mats in her coat that was keeping her from moving freely. We advertised to try to find her owners. We would have been very reluctant to return her to them if they appeared due to her poor condition, but we felt we had to try. After a week we took her to our vet and discovered she was a miniature Cocker Spaniel, approximately six months old, pregnant and suffered from malnutrition, we also found the breeder through DNA testing. She was named Sadie and she has been with us since 9/10/2005, she's also known as Sadie-bug. If we had not been house hunting we would never have found this sweet little girl. She is black with white on her chest and her feet look like she stepped in white paint.

So, my mother is to blame for this love affair with Cocker Spaniels but in all fairness, we have always had Cocker Spaniels, Candy, Honey and Lady preceded Punkin (SweetPea), Dusty(Doodle and Georgie) and Sadie (Sadie-bug) since our marriage in 1969. As a child I remember having several Cocker Spaniels and my husband's family used to breed them.

The only other dogs I've ever lived with was Teri McKay (my son's doberman) and a Pekinese named Crumby given to us by my sister in law. We couldn't keep Crumby at the time due to where we lived so my grandparents took her and gave her a good home. She was a great little dog for them.

So, now you know where the name Punkinsmom comes from and how we came to share our home with 3 adorable fur babies.